Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Snow (what there is of it)

Well, we made it in to work about fifteen minutes late, both cindygerb and I. My work is officially closed but since Cindy had to be at work, I might as well be as well. There were no problems getting in, even though we saw several cars smashed up and pointing the wrong way. Thankfully all of them were on the mainline instead of the express lanes where we were. I learned to drive on the east coast and I can handle snow decently as long as I don't get stupid and try hills like Yesler and such.

My mantra on coming in to work was "They are driving the speed they consider safe. It's better for them to drive safe than to have an accident." I couldn't understand why the bus wasn't going above 35 mph inside the tunnel until I saw that it had chains on. Then I understood.

Here's hoping everyone is safe.
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