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Advanced Civ on Saturday January 17th.

As reminded by elfric here, he and I are planning an Advanced Civilization game on the 17th of January, a Saturday. I think that I've had a number of respondents already and I've got the slots filled, at least for this game. We'll definitely have another one and this next one won't be during a con. (Rustycon is the same weekend.)

So, I know who five of the people in the game are but haven't a clue as to who the other three are. Any ideas, oh people that read this? If I can't figure it out, I'll probably add other people since I'm lamo-boy at organizing sometimes. But at least it is happening. Lee and I kept trying to figure this out last year and never quite got to it...

Oh and take tyrsalvia's poll. The Lady behind and overall a nifty person.
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