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Persistent Cough

I've had a persistent cough for about three weeks now and it's getting really annoying.
For two weeks, I could feel it in my lungs and it was causing me to be very short of breath all the time. Climbing the stairs to our bedroom was a tiring task. Last Saturday I awoke with the feel of my lungs clearing.

Unfortunately, this just meant that it moved to my throat. I can now get a full breath of air but I'm coughing. A lot. Enough such that my abdominal muscles are getting a real workout. Enough such that I'm giving myself headaches from them. Wednesday night, I got very little sleep because I kept coughing myself awake. Such delight. I wasn't in any shape to go to work, so I stayed home. (Figures. Easy to drive? stay home.)
My coughing and thus abdominal muscle stress is now bad enough that I've got diarrhea. Oh joy. Oh rapture. I now have more sympathy with the person who said, "after that i vowed to clench my ass when barfing".

I'm not sure what the point of this entry is except for complaining. Originally when I started, I did have a point but that was 3.5 hours ago. At least I'm well hydrated since the only thing that really helps this is water. It doesn't matter whether is hot or cold, it just needs to be wet. Yesterday, I drank about 7 liters of water.

P.S. Not looking for sympathy; I'm just kvetching now. (I like that logjam's speller knows "kvetching".)
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