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Feeling Better and some status updates

I'm actually feeling quite a bit better today. I've still got a cough but my nose isn't this massive presence of evil on my face. One way that I know that I'm doing better is that cindygerb and I were able to engage in a bit of horizontal aerobics this morning before she went to work. Yay! That's been problematic since I've had this cough.

Sally is doing much better. She can generally walk across a non-carpeted floor as long as she is careful and go up stairs if she's not too tired or cranky. She went in for a check up on Thursday and the surgeon looked over Sally and thinks she is doing well. The staple stitches were removed. All the front end staff recognized her and said hello. She's a good puppy.
I need to go to Home Despot and pick up some cinder blocks or something similar to keep Sally from going under the fence again. I probably should've done it before this but either it's been too hectic or I've been too wiped out.

On another front, I'm writing myself a few tools to better let me handle setting up a custom mood set. I'll make them available to other people when I've got a bit more done.
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