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LotR and coughing status

So, 1.5 weeks ago, cindygerb and I watched the extended versions of both Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, spaced over three nights. Since then, we kept trying to see Return of the King but didn't succeed until last night. We joined taxqueen, shari_bear, and lj-less Nicky. There were around ten people in the theatre for the 5.15p showing. I took a bottole of water in with me to help deal with the lessening coughing. It was useful but possibly not the best decision for a 200 minute movie. By the last half-hour, I was in a bit of pain due to needing to rid myself of this water. It was rather amusing as taxqueen kept telling me that there was just a little bit left; well, a little bit more; okay, just five more minutes; really, the last scene is next. I got to see it say 'The End' and make it to the bathroom without any problems other than the discomfort. Oh, and yes, I enjoyed the movie. Possibly my favorite part was the stylish way that Legolas took down the mastodon. Other parts were good but that particularly appeared to the child in me.

As for the coughing, I'm doing much better, especially if I keep myself hydrated. I'm still having a bit of coughing but they're all productive. Very little of the nasty dry coughing that I was doing earlier in the week. I think that hydration is really the key here.
But I'm definitely not "all better" yet. I was drained enough after LotR that after getting home last night, I laid down at 10p or so and slept the entire night. That's *alot* for me.
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