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Pantheism, varieties thereof

mokie_sassafras and I had lunch yesterday and one of the major topics was pantheism. I said that, to me, I am spread throughout the Universe with all but an epsilon of my consciousness focused in the same general area as what I think of as my body. The same is true of all sapients. mokie_sassafras hadn't heard of that idea. I don't know how else pantheism would work.

I talked about it some with cindygerb this morning on the way in to work. She presented as conjectured alternative that rather than all of the universe collectively being the Infinite Godhood that each sapient individually is Deity. That doesn't fit what I think of as pantheism but maybe it fits someone's. Any other ideas?

As a possible explanation of the difference between pantheism and polytheism. The first in uncountably infinite while the second is countably infinite.
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