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Drama vs. Passion

So, elfric and I discussed the idea of "Drama vs. Passion" at lunch. I came up with what I thought was a good summary of my viewpoint. I don't know if this was the original article author's viewpoint or not but it sounds like it to me.
Passion is an internally focused process where one does what one feels is right.
Drama is an externally focused process where one tries to show everyone how one was wronged.
There are definitions of both of these which encompass different aspects of each of these words. But for the purposes of comparing the two, these work for me. You are free to disagree and I could even respect that disagreement. But it doesn't mean that I'll think you're right…

Note that this is a clarification of my previous post. I wouldn't normally do a "clarification post" but when two people that I respect as much as I respect vamp_ire and queenofstripes disagree with me, I think that clarification is good.
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