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Interview meme, revisited (from lysana)

Further questions from the interview meme. Go there to read the rules. (ask to be interviewed, I'll give you questions, you answer in your journal, you'll include the rules, you'll come up with interview questions for those that ask.) Herein, I answer lysana's questions.

1. I realize this isn't so much a good interview question as me taking the chance to get a little pouty, but how do you expect me to find out more about you via your website if I get a 403 error when I try to look at it?

Well. is really just a place to drop images and links and such. I don't really have any content there outside of what you'd find on my LJ. I will try to get a page up that links into my LJ since it's true that just seeing a 403 is probably annoying.

2. How did you become an animist?

I never stopped. :) As a child, I talked to things and they talked back to me. I found this to be a much more enjoyable world than a world of static things. As an adult, I continue to prefer a world of interaction to a world where I just do things to other things. The various parts of the world don't respond as clearly as they did when I was a child but there are occasional moments of clarity.

This could also be strongly influenced by what cindygerb describes as her first experience of meeting my dad:
When I went over to Torin's parents' house for the first time I got to meet Butch. (my dad) We were sitting at the table when he walked past us into the laundry room, took out a couple of small rugs and began to talk to them.
"So how are you doing? Did you enjoy that? I'm glad. Let's see if you're dry yet. No? Well, come on outside with me."
He walked them out, holding them in a quite friendly manner, and laid them over the balcony. He made sure they were comfortable, then came back inside to say hello to us.
3. You're the second person I've known who's named a cat Morrigan, if not the third at least. All of you have been fannish and some variety of pagan. I apologize for discussing the dearly departed, but why do you suppose a deity associated with ravens proves to be the namesake for cats amongst the fannish sets I run around in?

Well, actually, I chose the name Morrigan due to her being the Celtic goddess of battle. Considering Morrigan's hunting prowess, it seemed appropriate. She was also the smartest cat I've ever seen. BTW, I have no problems with discussing the dearly departed.

4. You've mentioned that you don't consider any part of your life to be truly secular. How do you apply your spirituality to your job? To LiveJournal?

Whenever I am doing something, anything, I try to be conscious of what I'm doing. At the same time, I attempt to follow an intuitive path with my decisions. This seems to be the best way to keep myself aligned with the events around me. I may choose to be discordant with the most obvious event streams but I do try to follow other less obvious paths when I'm doing so. If I don't, I quickly find out to my dismay. Following the intuitive path is the best way that I've found to be synchronous with that part of the Infinite that I manifest. (Does that read well? It makes sense to me but I wrote it.)

5. You also have said that you believe in accepting all is right with the world, including your own dissatisfaction with it. I found that profound, but I sometimes feel as if I have the luxury to be OK with being discontent due to my modest, underfunded for my desires (can't travel on my income, damn it), yet comfortable fiscal situation. Do you think such contentment is easier to come by if you're closer to American middle class than, say, an Indonesian factory worker?

Definitely. It's part of the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It seems to be self-evident to me that it's much easier to be philosophical in one's world view if one isn't worrying about the availability of tomorrow's food. I know there are stories about people that are deprived of the basic necessities of life that are still very content in what they are and what they do. They might be trying to improve their situation but aren't stressed about it. When I've gone hungry, I found that rather difficult to do.
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