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Update, Introversion/Extroversion, some quizly things

I'm sorry that I've not been responding to comments or posting much. Life has been … complex. I'll write about it when I can english it. I'm going to try to write up the interview questions that folks have asked for.

Most people would think that I'm an extrovert because I tend to be very outgoing and very social. But introversion and extroversion aren't about socializing, they're about processing. How do you process your thoughts? I'm actually rather the introvert there in that I do most of my processing internally. If I have something major that I need to process, I tend to withdraw some so that I can devote more energy to processing and dealing with the concept that I'm wrestling with. This appears to be at odds with my socializing and my energizing by being with people. But it's not. I do need private time when I'm just by myself. This is why I post most frequently at night. Instead, I strongly suspect that my socializing and energizing by being with people is a component of my need for touch.
The point of this bit of discourse is that I've heard myself doing some of my processing externally in the past few months. I find this rather odd. It's not how I generally do things. I wonder if some of this is due to my journaling my thoughts on LJ.

And I've been doing some avoidance of stuff, mostly during the week, and took some quizzes:
You are the The Loverboy
Random Gentle Love Master (RGLMm)
Well-liked. Well-established. You are The Loverboy. Loverboys thrive in committed, steady relationships — as opposed to, say, Playboys, who want sex without too much attachment.

You've had many relationships and nearly all of them have been successful. You're a nice guy, you know the ropes, and even if you can be a little hasty with decisions, most girls think of you as a total catch. Your hastiness comes off as spontaneity most of the time anyhow, making you especially popular in your circle of friends, too.

You know not to make the typical Loverboy mistake of choosing someone who appreciates your good humor and popularity, but who offers nothing in return. You belong with someone outgoing, independent, and creative. Otherwise, you'll get bored. And then instead of surprising her with flowers or a practical joke, you'll surprise her by leaving.

CONSIDER: The Window Shopper, The Peach
YOUR EXACT OPPOSITE: The Billy Goat (Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer)
I have to admit that I mostly included the text because I wanted to include the "Fact" that they give for the loverboy: You embody the German principle of Konstantzusammenschaft, which is best described in English (without using the obscure English word "sammenschaft") as "eternal togethermanship".

I had a few issues with this quiz although I don't really remember the specifics anymore. I know that a few of the test questions didn't work for someone who is polyamorous. And a few of the questions were illogical where the answers didn't belong with the question. Something about who gives in on a compromise. (If someone gives in, where's the compromise?) I also really wonder about the "surprise her by leaving". But if I take online quizzes seriously, then I deserve what I get.

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Liveliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Dutifulness |||||||||||| 34%
Social Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Paranoia |||||| 18%
Abstractness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Introversion ||| 10%
Anxiety |||||| 14%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Independence ||||||||| 30%
Perfectionism |||||||||||| 34%
Tension ||| 10%
Take Free 16pf based Personality Test

Evidently, I am Prince Lir:
lirYou are most like Prince Lir. Valiant, gentle, kind, and naive to a fault. You see the world through rose-coloured glasses, and you are quite the romantic. You try to see the good in everyone around you. Your kindness and sincerity make you well liked, but your trust in the good of everyone could lead to people taking advantage of you. You have a very chivalric soul, though it may not be apparent until you grow a little older. Chivalry is fair, but at times you might get carried away in proving your ardor and bravery. Though strength is important to you, it may not be important to all you cross paths with. Don't be so determined to prove yourself, not everyone measures your worth through your accomplishments. There are people that love you just for being you. If you are hurt, it probably takes you awhile to recover. Though you are generally youthful and lighthearted, you can also be very serious. People truly respect and love you.

Which Last Unicorn Character are you? (UPDATED)
brought to you by Quizilla
I look forward to picking up this DVD when it comes out in mid-March.

There were others but I don't recall them right now and I didn't drop them in my notes file.
Oh, one final thing. For some reason, my fingers aren't being nice to me and I'm not catching it. There have been multiple times last week when I had typos and I didn't catch them until later. I had one comment where I had a typo, I fixed it and resubmitted and as soon as I did, I noticed a second typo. Grggh.

Work has been sucking less lately and life continues to be interesting (in many different senses).
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