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Catching up, the doom thread, and dysgraphia

I've been meaning to write this entry for a while. I just haven't had the time or mindspace to do so.

One of the first bits to mention is that things have been rather busy (as is obvious) and I've just not had much time to write things down. I've been doing some commenting and talking with people through that even if I haven't been writing journal entries. I would prefer it if I actually wrote more in my journal, even if I commented less elsewhere but a) it's much easier to riff off of someone else's ideas than formulate my own and b) it feels more social to be commenting elsewhere than to be writing my entries here. But considering that it's not currently possible to go back and look over all your comments that you've made elsewhere, it's not the best investment in time. I really like being able to go back and review what it was that I've written in the past.

Speaking of commenting, last Friday (the 6th) and early Saturday, I participated in the doom thread. I contributed 19 comments, 3 of which were anonymous. I stopped participating when it reached around 800 comments. The current total is 2,634. Considering that only two posts in news ever exceeded this count, that's pretty impressive. This post also spawned off a variety of other posts that were similar in style and generally satirical of the doom thread and of themselves. I was quite happy to get a mention. If I'm not pissing someone off, I must not be trying hard enough. I would hope that my thoughts and ideas have enough life that someone, somewhere would take exception to them. I'm not trying to piss anyone off but I refuse to put out pablum either.

I need to go pick up cindygerb from her work but I wanted to mention one other thing before I left this post. I'm noticing my incidence of typos and just getting things wrong has drastically increased over the last 2–3 weeks. I mind typos less than things like "your" vs. "you're", "who's" vs. "whose", or "right" vs. "write". I *know* the difference between those and tell my fingers to do the right thing but somewhere in between the transmission is being garbled. I wonder if this would be dysgraphia (in comparison to dyslexia) or something different. I need to investigate if this is related to the ADD or if it's something else.

As a parting shot, I offer this from belleweather. Snape/Nazgul slash. Just a bit different. Oh, did I mention that I added slashfic as one of my interests? Anonymous mentioned that they would stay away from anyone listing that as their interest, so, of course, I had to.
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