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Neck Porn on google, buttons, and orkut

That's what I get for not mentioned that I was #1 on google for "neck porn" before this. I've slipped to #24 now. I'm still #1 for "uvula porn" though.

The delightful wispfox saw my post about 213 Skippy isn't allowed to do anymore and specifically commented on the one that I highlighted. She sent both me and starandrea a button that says this. I am vastly amused and very complimented. Thank you!

As some of you have seen, I joined Orkut a while back thanks to the graces of ydna. Yes, they've got a wonky ToS but considering that I don't plan on putting anything up there that I would care about them stealing, I'm not going to worry about it. If you want an invitation, just ask.

yendi pointed to an entry by aussie_nyc about including power-ups on NASCAR. Considering I just heard a segment on NPR on Friday about the economics behind NASCAR, I'm vastly amused.
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