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Update on systems and such

Well, I've done a few upgrades to my X-Windows system over the last little while; it had been sorely lagging at times.
At the somewhat instigation of ihgreenman, I upgraded my linux kernel to 2.6.2. This seemed rather early to upgrade but I was willing to try. I have to say that it's much, much snappier at 2.6.2 than it was at 2.4.24. It's almost tempting me to upgrade my stable system that handles the mail server to version 2.6.2 but I'm sure that I'll get better.
This upgrade included getting a graphics card that worked a little bit better so that I can do really pretty things like SkyRocket and other GL pretties. One problem that I was having was that the system was occasionally locking up and I was trying to figure out what was causing it. In eliminating the various components, I found that it was either X-Windows or the Display driver. Then I remembered something about AGP sometimes locking up on Via motherboards. So I read up on that and determined that I was using the linux kernel AGP module. I decided to try the vendor supplied AGP kernel module instead. So far, it's lasting. I figure this should be the final test since if I can post about it and still have it not crash, then that should be the clincher.

Well, I'm off to facilitate the Switch Discussion Group at the 'Spot. The conversations tend to get interesting.
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