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Notes about my journal

I have image placeholders turned on in my userinfo now. It's talked about some here on lj_dev. While I have it set to turn any images over 640x480 into placeholders, it also takes any images that don't have height= and width= tags into placeholders as well. It definitely helps with apod when it has superwide images. But it does mean that other images that don't have height and width tags get hidden. So, I'm suggesting that, if you can, add those tags in. I know that near-future versions of both logjam and xjournal will have code to automatically put those tags in for you. Another way to find the sizes is to view the image directly in your browser. The title bar has the width and height mentioned.
I don't know if I will keep the placeholders but at the very least, the height and width tags enable the browser to render the page more quickly.

On another note, I finally posted something to the woo-woo filter on empathy and massage. If you are not on it and want to be, you can go here and add yourself.
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