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So, Cindy joined Bally's(*) tonight. I already have a lifetime membership, so this means that we'll be going there as close as possible to 7 days a week.

I know that I've changed considering that I'm willing to say that I weighed 127 kg. This is way too much even though I am a large, solidly built fellow. In the past, I doubt I would've mentioned how much I weigh since I would've been too embarrassed to mention it. If I can get this down to 240 or 250, I'll be happy but I'm not going to stress about that too much.

I surprised myself by lasting a full fifteen minutes on the StairMaster with the actual revolving stairs. I started out at level 3 but realized that I wouldn't last and went to level 2. I expected to crap out of it sometime in the second five minute group. I do know that I was getting a workout since I could feel my arms covering themselves with sweat.

The idea behind this is to get healthy again, have more energy, and need less sleep.

BTW, this entry, even more than the others I've made is really being designed for me to come back and look at in a year than for folks to read but it's always good when something can be multifunctional.

*If you hear me call the excercise club "Holiday Spa", then I mean Bally's. HSpa was who I belonged to originally before Bally's bought them.
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