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WinterFair Gifts by Lois McMaster Bujold

In other news, I like that a good summary of the novella by Lois McMaster Bujold in the collection Irresistible Forces is "Yay, Mush!"
It's the story of Miles and Ekaterin's wedding told from the point of Roic, the newest Armsman with a dash of intrique thrown in for spice. I'll need to read it again to get more than a gloss overview. It was definitely worth it.
I do frequently find quotes in Lois's books and this was no exception. Since it was only 72 pages, there was only one quote:
His lips twisted. "That's a tough one. A higher honor must underlie ours, the count says. We can't ever obey unthinkingly."
"Huh. That's what Miles says, too. Is that where he got it, from his father?"
"I shouldn't be surprised. M'lord's brother Mark says integrity is a disease, and you can only catch it from someone who has it."
A little laugh sounded in her throat. "That sounds like Mark, all right."
— p. 46, Winterfair Gifts by Lois McMaster Bujold, collected in Irresistable Forces, Catherine Asaro, ed.
It's that second half that really brought the quote to my attention. I am very proud to be the son of my parents.
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