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Bleh; boom!

As mentioned last night by cindygerb, I was sick last night. I seem to be doing better now. I usually only get sick for very short periods of time.

The rest of this is a record of me being sick. Since I don't get sick very often, I want to mention it here. This is not designed to elicit sympathy or other responses, it's just for me. I don't turn off comments because I don't see a need to do so.

(dated yesterday when I should've posted)

It started somewhat on Monday night when I had a vague disquieting of my stomach. Nothing I could pin down, just like I needed to dump but only in my upper abdomen.
When I woke on Tuesday morning, I was doing especially bad. I knew I needed to go to work but it was slow going. After a diarrhetic dump, I felt better quickly or at least as well as I did the previous night.
But once I got to work, I started feeling worse, a bit confused and rather fatigued. At around 11a, I broke out in a sheen of sweat. I didn't think I was especially warm but I had this sweat nonetheless. At around 1p or so, I went to bathroom and peed out my butt. It didn't want to come out on its own like normal diarrhea but had to be forced out. Sometime very near there, I stopped sweating and became cold. Over the next three hours, I probably went to the toilet 7 or 8 times, only succeeding in putting liquid out my but 4 times, the last two being right in a row with about a ten minute separation. I started feeling better in my bowels but I was getting waves of tiredness sweeping over me. I let Cindy drive home. My stomach settled back into the general disquiet that I started this with but with many farts. I didn't have anything to eat during the day except for a package of peanut-butter crackers and then a "smart drink" at night. I'm surprisingly untired for eating nothing yesterday.
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