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Seeing Secretary

cindygerb and I watched Secretary last night. I found that I just couldn't watch the beginning of it. What sort of Institute/Psych Ward releases a patient back into the toxic environment they just came from and appears not to leave the person with alternate coping methods? I couldn't cope with the various depictions of self-injury that were depicted. I have friends that do so and that's painful enough. I don't need to choose to watch someone act out doing self-injury even if it's for a decent movie.

Cindy called me in later when the movie was going a bit more upbeat. I liked seeing Lee's first success and watched it from then on. I liked the speculation about walking in the park. I have a question about the ending and it's a strong spoiler, so don't look after the cut if you don't want such.

So, after they get married, she kisses him and he goes off to work. Why isn't she his secretary any longer? It seems that keeping such in the family would be best.

I'm glad I didn't see the trailer before I saw the movie. It gave too much away for being a trailer.
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