Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
Torin/Darren WhoEver

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In-dash MP3 players for the car

I'm wondering what the LJ-Brain trust knows about in-dash MP3 players for the car.
I'm talking about the type that contains MP3s on a hard disk or something similar. I want to have variability in my MP3 selection and not have to burn sets of MP3's onto CD-R to pop the CD-R into the car stereo. It seems much cleaner if I could just load the MP3s directly. There used to be the Empeg and clones but that has since been bought out and discontinued. Bleh.

Our radio in the Vulva is dying and it needs to be replaced. Currently, it looks like we'll be replacing it with a radio/cd/mp3 player but I want other options...
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