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In regards to 'Top Ten Things to Keep in Mind on LiveJournal'

So, in regards to item #3 on archmage's 'Top Ten Things to Keep in Mind on LiveJournal':

I am intelligent, witty, intuitive, loyal, and oh-so attractive — just thought you should know.

I found it childofchaos who says that archmage found it through etherpunk who found it through m1sfit_t0y who found it through geekers. Any clue who came up with it first?

And in that regard,
black tea
you are black're very mature and wordly. You are an "acquired taste", and you have a strong personality… but you're interesting, opinionated, and smart.
(with pics) what tea are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I understand about being an "acquired taste" but I've usually heard that as "high maintenance but worth it" (per TonyB). I'm not sure why the conjunctive there is 'but' rather than 'and'.
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