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More on writing.

From runnerwolf comes this vitally important idea:
The flute, drawings, and music aren't for judging they are for expression.
Naturally, I need to substitute writing in for that but you get the point.

It's not that others judge me. It's easy enough to discount other's judgement of me. It's my own internal judge that is the real problem. I don't write because I feel that I need time to write, time to pick just the right words; time to get just the right phrasing. So, it ends up that I don't get any writing done except for comments which are much easier. There's also the brain-fart problem; I initially put in 'write' instead of 'right' in both instances of the word in the previous sentence.

The other question is "Why is it so much easier to comment than to write an original entry?" This is especially problematic since it's really, really easy to browse my posts. Trying to browse my comments ranges from the impossible to the merely difficult. I suspect that this is true for me especially because I've always found it easier to work off of and play with someone else's idea rather than actually create original content myself. That's the easy part though. Why is it easier to riff rather than create? I haven't a clue...
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