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Oh no! Not more sex!

I found the following from silenceleigh's journal and it was just too amusing to not post here too.

From Laurel K. Hamilton's blog:
No, not another damn sex scene. NOOOOO! I like sex. I like writing about sex, but damnit we're almost done. I'm beginning to see every scene that isn't directly related to the main mystery as a barrier to the end of the book. I don't want to explore interpersonal relationships. I don't want to do another therepy session. I am done for this book. I just want out. Out means over. Bad guy dead. Murders avenged. Fini. But the rules for the arduer though changed by this point in the book, are still the rules. I can't break my own logic rules, or the entire integrity of the world goes crashing down, but damnit, I am tired. I begining to run out of different ways to do sex this book. We've done rough, more than once. We've down most of the positions that make sense when you're starting out a sex life, and at least one that doesn't. We've used the extra strength. We've used the idea of furry in new and interesting ways. We've done the vampire bit. We've done it this book. Now I am left with a sex scene that isn't in the outline, and that I didn't see coming, and I just simply don't know what to do with it. It's with someone we haven't been with this book, so that's good. But what's left? I've been threatening to have a shirt made up, PLOT CALLED ON ACCOUNT OF SEX SCENE, INCUBUS DREAMS by Laurell K. Hamilton. It was funnier a hundred pages ago.
I suspect that she hit this point a while back but it's veryvery amusing to see her complaining about having to write about a sex scene. And not in the Monty Python "Not the comfy cushion" sense.
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