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Heat Wimp

I am such a heat wimp. When it gets to 80 to 85, I just lay down. Heat tires me out and makes my brain not work. According to the weather service, it got to 90 yesterday. Cold I can deal with fine - if it's in the forties, that means I should wear a long sleeved shirt. But it's possible to see me cringe and whimper at high temperatures.

I worked as a dm at the 'Spot last night. David was also working and knew that I don't do well in heat. He said that he was resigned to working his entire shift by himself. I told him that while I was miserable, I was still able to do the job.
I am glad that I did the job since I enjoyed talking and interacting with the folks there. There were 126 people; I expected half that considering the heat. Based on how I feel today though it's possible I should've taken him up on it.
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