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Tree Spooge and Collections

The whole concept of tree bukkake scenes seems to've propagated quite a bit. I'm having the fun with that as well. Cindy and I wanted to make it to Third Place Books last night but I needed to've gotten my brain past the IPL stage to have gone.

So, instead, I'm going to shower folks (including myself) with links:

Livejournal now has the ability to export comments. Very useful that. I expect that it will be incorporated into various clients in the near future.

Thanks to ladytabitha who linked to a Boston version, we have Seattle Gas Prices where it lists the lowest and highest prices on gas along with fuel price graphs. Everything is entered by people visiting the site, so it's possible that the prices aren't the most accurate but it appears to do relatively well.

Linked to by many people is a speech accent archive, hosted at GMU where I spent many years.

Thank you to rougewench for linking to Gojira and other kaiju done in Origami. I may have to actually try these.

While many of the apod pictures are good, I do think that the pictures of solar prominences are my favorite.

Finally, in the last link, we have pure glass made out of Rare Earth Aluminum oxide. Hearing this, I think of the transparent aluminum that has been mentioned in a variety of science fiction including Star Trek. They're actually making it pure by using static electricity as the container. By this method, there is no contaminants from the container that they normally have.
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