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Great quote about comparisons (and filters)

From Lust Never Sleeps in his "About My Work" section, Lee Stranahan says
The whole 'art versus porn' is one of those bullshit distinctions that get made up in order to keep people confused. Like 'Republican vs. Democrat' — the whole point is to make you think there's no other possibilities.

Here's a distinction that makes more sense to me — 'I like it vs. I don't like it'. It's okay not to like my work. Feel free. But that doesn't make it porn — it's just art you don't like. And if you do like my work, don't get all high and mighty thinking it's art — it's not, it's just porn you like.
I forget sometimes that not everyone sees the other choices past Republicrat and Democan. It's much to easy to forget. 'Course I like the context switch he emphasizes in the second paragraph too.
On another note, I think this might be a good time to remind folks to fill out the poll here.
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