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NorWesCon report, part the second

So, cindygerb and I went back to the Con for Saturday. More fun was had. The End.

Okay. Yes, I do need to go into more detail. But I wanted some flimsy license to be a bit disconnected about it.

The only meal of substance we had while at the Con was with Marcus and Susan. It's good to hang out with them. I also had a good vantage point for seeing people approach the hotel. Lots of good eye candy.

We went to the Heather Alexander concert on Friday night. There was much goodness including getting Heather to play The Garden as the penultimate song. Mush is good.

Some of the panels that we made it to were "Sex" with Mike Resnick, "Separating Public and Private Identities", and "Advanced Poly". The Advanced Poly panel started out with some good info but then got very, very off track. Being two hours and starting at midnight might've had something to do with that.

At one point, I was told that I have a very distinguished (?) face but that my glasses hid most of it and that my cheekbones could slice cheese. I've had an offer to help me pick out glasses next time I need a pair. These folk can say who they are if they want to and I'll edit them in...

On Saturday, we wandered around, socializing and enjoying ourselves. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the Art Show. I didn't see anything that I wanted enough to bid on it. Cindy saw a fabric piece but it was just a single bid piece that was already taken.

At one point, we bought Nodwick from the GamesPlus in the dealers room and found ourselves in the Hospitality Suite playing it. We had 6 people playing and much chaos and hilarity ensued. How many games hear cries of "Anyone have any purple body parts?" or "Duct tape for Head?". The trades for body parts and Piffany powers brought many onlookers and I suspect we helped sell a few copies. I think I'd like to write a review of it for RPGnet but their "how to write a review" section is rather sketchy. I need to look over more of the reviews they have.

This gaming turned into a bit of Stoner Fluxx. There might be another review but I want to play it again after combining it with a regular Fluxx deck and see if it works better. The game broke up and we left quickly when we heard that Klingon Karaoke was coming up soon. We then found out that we'd missed just about all of a second Heather concert and got ready to go to the dance.

Oh. While sitting in the Hospitality Suite, Cindy found nightinggale who helped Cindy into her purple corset. She needed jenk's button that said something like "I found your eyeballs. They were in my cleavage" but I think the button was more amusing; I'm not a morning person and can't come up with anything better than that.

Back to waiting for the dance. We were waiting for the masquerade to be over since the dance didn't happen until after that and encountered geothermal. We chatted with him until he was dragged off. We were told that the masquerade was over, so we headed over to the dance. They weren't quite finished setting up but we found people to chat with until the lights were lowered. It was amusing to watch omahas dance with her daughter out on the floor. The music was much better than the previous night and we danced most of what they played. Not the Elvis though.

Eventually we left and looked for food. I'd not had much to eat and needed sustenance. After finding out that the two diner type places were just open for the bar and we'd have to have smoke with our food, we just went to Stella's. After that, we went home and slept until it was time for Dim Sum.

Dim Sum was very light (6) but then we expected it to be. Most of the people were at NorWesCon. It was still delicious and cheap. I'm not sure if the people there want to be mentioned but at least some of them have LJs. Cindy and I went home from there and collapsed.

Yay for the weekend. It was good to spend three days with cindygerb. We don't get enough unbroken time together.
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