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Interesting updates to LJ

Originally, I saw the first change and thought about theferrett but I was concentrating too much on taxes to post about it. So, I'm accumulating a few of these together.

Here is a change to LJ that theferrett will like. Soon, you'll be able to turn off lj-cuts on your friends page if you choose to do so. So, if you don't want to see lj-cuts, you won't have to. Looking at the bug report, I'm amazed that this was started back in August of 2002.

Another interesting change is the possibility to split out the display of mutual friends from the friend-of list on the userinfo page. Should make some things a bit clearer.

The other change that I think will be rather useful is that the Update Journal and Edit Journal pages will get a preview mode. I won't use this much but it will be very handy when I do use those.

Note: None of these are currently available on LJ. They've been written and committed but aren't in the live version of LJ yet.
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