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Frustrated as hell over my health

Very little content has come out this way this week and it's been very frustrating. I have been confused, dizzy, and had hot/cold flashes all week. I thought about posting about it but I didn't want to have yet another complaint. I finally went to see a doctor today.

I tend not to like doctors overly much. Somehow, I seem to have idiosyncratic illnesses that almost all doctors try to fit into disease cubbyholes that don't quite fit and then tell me that I'm doing something wrong when their "cures" don't work. Thankfully, I don't get ill very often. Allergies still suck though...

Ahem. So, I went to the doctor and told him all my symptoms. He had me try to touch my nose with my finger while my eyes were closed and stand on one foot. He asked about my dizziness and confusion. Normally, I'm rather quick on the uptake and can amuse myself with my mind for hours. I'm also normally stable as a rock and am rather difficult to topple. Neither of those are true for the last week and I'm so frustrated with myself I'm almost in tears. The doctor told me that I have Labyrinthitis and gave me Meclizine to deal with the vertigo. I asked him if it was an antibiotic and he said that wouldn't do me any good. I'm scheduled to go in to have bloodwork done on Monday. When I got home, cindygerb asked me when I would be getting better and how I am supposed to get well. Unfortunately, I wasn't with it enough to ask at the doctors.

I've not been overly social this week because I'm really, really annoyed at being slow and muddled. I don't like seeming stupid to myself. The only social bit that I did was a good friends birthday on Tuesday. For the rest, I was sick but it's possible I could've pushed myself to go. I just couldn't stand myself enough to do so.

While I appreciate that everyone hopes that I feel better, I'm not looking for a bunch of "Feel better soon" comments. If you must, feel free but that's not what I'm looking for. I just want my mind back.
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