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Comforting and geeky all in one (and thoughts on Fire and Restaurants)

So, is it overly geeky of me to find the sounds that computers make to be comforting and homey?

In other news, we had a good Ayni Fire ceremony out at Artspawn. Our first there; it was a bit amusing to have fewer people than usual at a venue chosen because we had to many people to continue having it where we did. Many of us left from there and went to Family Pancake House. We've been told that the food and service were good there but the food was a little above average and the service was non-existent.

This got me thinking and I remembered a link from Zagat a while back. Unfit for Print is a collection of comments that "Fairness — and our lawyers — prohibits us from attributing some of the more colorful surveyor critiques we collect."
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