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New Mood Icons!!

So, some of you might notice that I have new mood icons on my posts. Much of this is due to the kind and creative work of kimberly_a. Back in January, she responded to my complaint of not having enough mood icons by creating more ferret icons for me, more than doubling those available to me. Unfortunately these icons languished for a while just as something I would "get to soon". But I've finally allocated the time necessary to finish this off. Mostly it was writing some scripts that would automate the drudge work of telling the LJ server all the different URLs and image size for all the different moods that I wanted to set. I also fixed up four of the original icons that had white rather than transparent backgrounds. Since my friends page uses a medium gray (#c0c0c0), those looked a bit ugly. I have plans to do some icons as well but I have no idea when I would get to them.

You can see the icons that Kimberly created for me here and the complete set of all the icons (including the ones from sydnicons) are available here.

Thank You Kimberly!

I think it would be interesting to get these integrated into the current set of ferret icons on LJ if kimberly_a didn't mind but I have no idea how to do this. Possibly a task for later.

The scripts that I wrote for this aren't really ready for prime time but I don't know when I would actually get them ready for prime time, so I'll mention them here and possibly work on them later if I get to that.
  • get-moods-hier — retrieves all the moods from LJ's server and displays them in a hierarchical fashion, showing what icon a mood will inherit if it doesn't have a specific icon set. The mood-id is listed in parentheses after the mood name. An example of the output is hier-mood-list.
  • getmoods — will retrieve the current moodicons setting for a given moodtheme. No help embedded for finding the moodtheme. As I said, these scripts aren't ready for prime time. If you choose 'View All' on this and related pages, you'll get the moodtheme_id.
  • setpic_list is the one most relevant here. Given an assignments file, and a directory of images, it will generate the commands for the console as well as HTML for the list of moodicons.
These scripts need to be generalized, documented, and have much more error-handling before they'd really start to be good but if anyone finds them useful, feel free.
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