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Thoughts on a Degree

Hmm. I accumulated 160 semester hours at George Mason University from 1985 to 1993. But I never had the right credits to actually get a bachelors degree. Probably a bit foolish of me and I probably should've stayed in DC to finish it off but DC was stealing both my heart and my soul and I had to get out.

Yesterday when I went to the "benefits fair" put on by my company, I stopped at the University of Phoenix, Online table and chatted a bit there. I was mostly stopping at places to get swag but this became a bit more interesting. The rep there asked me about work experience and where I went to college.

Having the time to get a bachelors was not something I thought I had but I do have to admit that it would be useful. While having over 20 years of documented experience is very good at getting me into various places, there have been a number of times that having a bachelors would've been useful. 'Course, it would also mean that I could go for some of the cooler masters programs that I couldn't before. Masters in Mediation sounds like a good time...
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