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Hot tub? Hot tub!

We visited a friend last night who recently bought a house and this house has a hot tub. The thing is that he already has a hot tub and wants to get rid of this one. It's a large tub, 230+ cm square and is gas-heated.
So, if he will give it to Cindy and I if we haul it away to our house. It's about one mile away and I'll need about 8 other people that are really good at lifting and a large truck to haul it to our house in. Then we'll have a hot-tub! Sure, it will still need to be hooked up and we'll need to put some fencing to keep the bushes and neighbour's eyes out of it but that's relatively minor to finding and transporting the tub...

P.S. I'm somewhat disturbed that I just heard Savage Garden on C89.5 and I actually liked the song...
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