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Gaia Consort and Dim Sum

Gaia Consort on Saturday (or gaiaconsort) was very good. It was the first time that it's been at the Russian Community Center where there was plenty of room to dance. We got to see many people that we don't see often enough and some people that we see regularly and are delighted every time. The band included solcita who's mic worked and no guitar strings snapped. The band played Blood and Cry Freedom which are always much better live than just on CD. I would've wished for Every Sacred Thing and The Old Ones but those can be rather somber for a gay evening. One nice treat was that the band can evidently play longer in this hall since the event went until 11p rather than the 10p that we've been used to.

The Mother's Day Dim Sum was good. We had 12 people, just enough to fill one table. Food was good and Cindy and I were able to pick up and drop off geekdiva so that she could attend. That was definitely fun. The fortune cookie oracle game was especially appropriate this month.

Van Helsing review to come after I get to work.
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