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My Van Helsing review

I fear that my Van Helsing review is going to need help from Mr. Atlas. I expect that at least some of the other reviews are going to kick sand in its face.

As many people have said, if you go expecting much cheese, much action, pretty people, and nifty special effects, you'll not be disappointed.

So, cindygerb and I went from Dim Sum off to see Van Helsing out at Redmond Town Center matinee with some of our friends. I think there general consensus was that everyone liked the movie although we dissected some of the parts that took a bit more work to like than other parts.

Some of the points that they got rather right:
  1. The werewolves, especially the changing of the werewolves. I was in love. A distant, protected by very strong, very fine mesh barriers but love nonetheless.
  2. They got Frankenstein's monster rather right. I very much liked his portrayal and while the issues around him were a bit clumsy, the heart was there.
  3. The ending with Anna was very well done. It took a bit of courage and I was surprised at how it was handled.
The sheer campiness was a lot of fun. How drakky played with his anti-grav was rather amusing. I think it was k_crow who pointed out how right before the kissing scene, they both paused in a "isn't my hair beautiful?" moment. I think that, again, the costumers probably had much, much fun with this movie. It must be a good time to be such right now.

My suspension of disbelief was a bit distended at times. I was amazed at the gatling gun crossbow that evidently had seeker darts that only impacted Evil and non-living objects. I was amazed at the mass stupidity spell the vamp-babies exhibited. I can't come up with any other reason that villagers who are used to vampires coming around would mill around outside, waiting to get picked up by a flying monstrosity. But the crowning achievement of disbelief was when the horses jumped the gap. I actually said "You've _got_ to be shitting me." loud enough for most of the theatre to hear me.

So, in summary, I think it was worth the matinee price and I think some of it will be missed if you just see it on DVD but remember that I'm not a videophile...
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