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Reading addiction

I seem to be practicing a bit too much escapism in reading books. I find that I'm being swallowed by the books I've been reading and letting too many other things slide while being immersed. (This includes posting peoples pictures. :<)I've tried setting alarms; telling myself that I'll quit after this chapter and a few other things but they only sometimes work.
I'm trying to figure out why I'm doing this. I think it might be a combination of the ADD and depression. See, in the books, wonder and magick are generally easy to find and the good guys tend to win. It's a lot more work to do that in the real world and it seems to be easier to just submerse myself in these other worlds rather than do the work of living in this one.

So, what am I going to do about it? I'm not quite sure yet. Cut down on my reading some, that's for sure. I really shouldn't have such difficulty find the joy, wonder, and delight in the universe that I seem to be having. Something has to change; I'm just not sure what yet.
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