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Looking for a LOUD alarm clock

I'm looking for a loud alarm clock. When I say loud, I would not be amiss to being able to clearly hear it outside when the alarm clock is going off inside and the doors and windows are closed.
I first had a timex alarm clock that seemed to go, "Excuse me? Excuse me? Could you wake up please? Oh bother. Now what do I do?" I was hesitant about getting another timex alarm clock but it said "Extra-Loud" and "has sounding chamber". So, now I have an alarm clock that goes "Hey Bud! Wake up! Dude! You have to wake up." That's just not good enough. I sleep the sleep of the dead. I slept through an earthquake1 in L.A. once. I want an alarm clock that goes "*Smack* WAKE UP! *Zap*" any number of times until I get the message. Having it have separate hour and minute alarms, multiple alarms, and things like that are nice but unnecessary. I just need it to be LOUD!.

So, why do I need this alarm clock now? Well, I tend to sleep best in shorter naps rather than one long session. Also, when I take my Dexedrine for the ADD, it makes me really sleepy. This means that in the morning, I will usually get up a little bit before cindygerb, take my Dexedrine, and lay down on the couch in the computer room for about thirty minutes. If Cindy is not getting up, it's rather imperative that I have an alarm clock that works. I used to have one that was loud enough but it died last autumn and would randomly start changing the time without it being touched. This isn't the most useful feature in an alarm clock, so I've sought a replacement. Sometimes I can use the alarm feature on my phone but that doesn't always work. So, a loud alarm clock is sought and your advice on such would be useful.

1I was staying at my Uncle Dale's in San Bernadino one summer and at the breakfast table, my sister asked me where I was when everyone else was standing out in the street due to the earthquake. I said "Earthquake? There was an earthquake last night?" It seems that they assumed that everyone would wake up and go outside. Faulty assumption in regards to me…
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