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More on cat pictures

So, in line with the cat pictures pointed to earlier, someone posting another set to dot_warmfluffy. There have been few things that have made me laugh so hard. I was almost peeing in my pants. The best part of it is the expression on the cat's face.

It seems that there is something that there are real cat groomers that do something called a lion cut. I shudder at the horror to cats that this thing is. If you need to shave a cat for various reasons, get rid of all of it.
So, the pictures are here:
mad kitty, lion-cut, front view mad kitty, lion-cut, side view
If you want to read the full story, you can go to the entry at

A number of people have told me that they've seen this before but while I've seen a lot, I'd not seen this before. It must've been around at least for a while though since it showed up on in Feb 2003.
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