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Bleargh! (otherwise known as Time isn't doing its job)

You've heard the saying, "Time grants us the illusion that everything doesn't happen at once?"
Well, it's not doing its job today. Everything seems to be happening today, all at once. I've got six different projects for work that need attention now: (for my own reference)
  • gryphon
  • sess
  • emailhosting
  • RT
  • oasis
  • unnamed
  • write status report
. I've also got several different things I've got to do personally:
  • go home / be with Cindy
  • make VMWare work
  • send e-mail to zero four different people
  • check on QWest
  • check on Phoenix Online
  • finish WSIP registration
  • make sure unsaved numbers in phone become saved (Marcus, Daryl)
  • call Daryl and tell him the bookcase was taken
  • eat
  • tell Becky that gaming is on at our house
  • pay SpeakEasy
  • pay PSE
This doesn't even count reading my general friends list, responding to comments, or responding to non-vital e-mail... This entry is to write them down so they stop cycling my head and driving me nuts. I don't expect to do this hardly ever, just on days that are utterly overwhelming.
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