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Interesting Day Rambles

Well, we had an interesting day.

First, I found out that Chagrine (Grace) isn't going to be hanging around anymore. We had a fender bender in her and bent the frame. To get the hood open, we evidently need a "body-pull" to somewhat square out the body so the hood can be lifted. This would cost $450 or so. Unfortunately, Chagrine isn't worth it. She need antifreeze but we can't get to the radiator or the overflow valve...

I was shown yet again that I don't know very much about cars. Cindy picked me up and we were worried about the Vulva since it was making a strange noise, none of the electrical stuff worked, and if we put it in park, the engine revved really high.
So we drove to Union Bay Garage (wonderful folks - always treat us right) from SoDo. With no air conditioning, no windows open, no sun roof open. If it had been any further, we would've needed to stop and have me rest in the shade for a bit. I really, really don't do hot well.
When we got there, one of the fellows heard the sound, reached in near the steering wheel and fiddled. The radio then came on. I realized what the noise was then. The key was still in "start", so of course there was no power. Bleh.
So, we left the car there and had them replace the ignition switch and give the car a tune up.
Joe came and picked us up to take us to Third Place Books.

But I stopped in Bartell's first to pick up my prescription. I had dropped it off last Friday and they told me that for the insurance to pay for it, I needed to wait until Tuesday to pick it up and it would be waiting for me.
Funny me. I thought "it would be waiting for me" meant that it would be waiting for me. So, I got there and the prescription wasn't filled yet. They told me it would be 10-15 minutes. I complained. They said okay and filled it right then. This still took ten minutes because they kept doing other things rather than get rid of this large fellow taking up counter space.

From there we went to Third Place Books and chatted with many people yet again. I like it there. I miss the Italian Place (Il Capo); they were hauling the equipment away today. I was stunned to see Melissa and Alyx there since I don't usually see them anywhere. I'm going to be involved in a Mage-like game on Sundays. I haven't role-played for a while, so that should be fun.

Ah, something I forgot to mention above but I don't want to restructure the post to put up there:
I found a parrot to put on our table at Third Place Books to represent Poly. We just need a good stand for her. I'm too hot to find her, take a picture, and post the picture, so that'll have to be later...

Reading back over this post, I'm realizing that I haven't taken my ADD meds yet tonight...
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