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A different type of ADD post

So, it seems that I was in a bit of a hurry to leave and pick up cindygerb yesterday, leaving my phone, my palm pilot, and my tin of penguin mints at work. I thought of coming back by and picking them up but decided that it could wait.

Herein I list all the shows that I watched with fervor:
Babylon 5

As you might guess, I don't watch TV much.

I really liked this Quaker football cheer:
Fight, fight, inner light, Kill, quakers, kill!
Knock 'em down, beat 'em senseless,
Do it till we reach consensus!
The idea of Quakers chanting this seems a bit surreal. (from Boing Boing)

I decided to add the various icons that I've generated with the various icon generators on my userpic list. I don't know that I'll use them but at least, that's a good place to store them. See them at the bottom of allpics.bml.
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