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WTF with the administration this time?

I stopped posting about politics a while back because I found that I was being angry all the time. I needed that to stop and so I did.

But I still have to post some stuff, some times.

First is US 'not bound by torture laws' from the BBC. The summary paragraph says
A Pentagon report last year argued that President George W Bush was not bound by laws banning the use of torture, according to the Wall Street Journal. The document also argued that torturers acting under presidential orders could not be prosecuted, the paper said.
I decided to go looking for this to read the article. It wasn't available through the Wall Street Journal since it's a for-pay feature but Google helps here.
Bush lawyers said torture OK from the Seattle times.
Possibly an actual copy of the WSJ article at Infoshop News: Pentagon Report Set Framework for Use of Torture.
(confirmed by jenk that this is an actual copy of the article.)

I really have to wonder why they even feel that they need to justify what they're doing. The rest of this year could be interesting.

In a bit of a lighter yet still darkly humourous note, there is October Surprise! Vote on what tricks will BushCo will pull to attempt to win the election in November. Osama bin Laden captured! is far in front with 42.4% while Spectacular terrorist attack on US soil! and Vote is threatened by terrorist attacks, vote suspended due to red alert. are near each other at second (17.9%) and third (14.6%).
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