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Fairy Meat

So, many people at Third Place Books last night were subjected to Fairy Meat. It's a miniatures game of homicidal cannibalistic fairies. As you might guess, it doesn't take itself seriously. Some excerpts:
There were no concerns for survival, and the most pressing issues were usually things like "do we have enough berry wine for the party?" or "now that we've licked all the honey off, how many of us can fit onto that sunny patch of moss and go for a noontime nap?"
Oh, but those beautiful days ended a very long time ago. Today their lives have direction, their actions have a goal. This is to eat as many of their friends as possible.
They then go off talking about fairies quite a bit with cute footnotes.
The game continues until one of three things happens:
  1. Only one player's faireies are still alive, or the game objective is met.
  2. Players suddenly become injured, mentally ill, drafted, or otherwise unable to play long enough to complete the game objective.
  3. The sun burns out.
It's good to know they wanted to be complete.
Mangle is a silly word. Mangle mangle mangle!
I'm rather looking forward to play this at some point…
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