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Events on the bus

That was "fascinating". I was on the bus going to the 'Spot and while going through lower Queen Anne, those of us in the back of the bus saw outside the bus one guy tackle another, get on top of him, and proceed to stab him with something. I stared for a moment, not believing that it was happening. They were two well dressed men in an upscale neighborhood. But that only lasted a few seconds and I called 911. They asked me a variety of questions, some of which I didn't have the answer to but I did the best I could aided by some of the other people on the bus. I was a little bothered when we got cut off but I was called back by the dispatcher who had me stay on the line while they called the medics. I'm not sure why that was so but it worked. I think about how I'll likely never know what caused this nor what the outcome was.

It was just a bit surreal to see such violence while riding the bus. It's more of what I would expect in DC rather than Seattle...

[.Edit.] Oops. It actually happened at a parking lot at 4th W and W. Mercer and we just happened to be passing by. I never said that nothing actually happened on the bus except our observance of the activity. I was trying to write this quickly. Sorry about that.
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