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If you see someone's entry with a long list of names, a text box, and a submit button that says something in Cyrillic characters, don't press the submit button. You'll end up posting an entry that will be really long and mess up folks' friends pages. Well, actually the real trick is on the page it leads you to but the effect is still the same.

Now, on to stuff I meant to point to yesterday…

I'm very much into treating others as I like to be treated since I feel that we shape our environment based on our expectations and our interactions with others. So, for me, helping others is in my own best interest.
catling pointed to cagekitten who talks about some neurology that strongly suggests that our brain has reward mechanisms built into our nervous systems for being kind to one another. Considering the tribal nature of humans, it makes a lot of sense for this to be there. I would like to see the actual report though...

ladytabitha has a very good post about the concept of growing passion like a tree. That for some people passion flashes bright like a flame. It's exciting but it can burn. But for her, passion is "a slow-moving process, which can seem like forever to those who move quickly". I'm now indebted to her for being able to easily describe how I build passion in so much fewer words than I've ever been able to do.

azurelunatic has a delightful entry on "A Comparison of Late 20th Century Religions". Two that were added in the comments are near and true to my heart:
Pantheism (by wolfieboy)
Everything is a Toy!
Discordianism (by azurelunatic)
Why so deadly serious about the rules? It's only a game...

Finally, behind the cut is a graphic that I think is a much more appropriate tribute than some that have been floated by conservative members of congress. I found this from airscale via bibble.
Ray Charles, on a $10 bill
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