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I only had one bit come up for wolfieboy: (nothing for wolfieboy has)

Catdude(50): Wolfieboy is tight
WolfieBoy(50): you wanna loosen me up, catdude?

Evidently there is at least three computer games with my name as a character:
Torin is an impeccable individual
Torin is its only city.
Torin is one well respected dj
Torin is accompanied by Boogle, who appears to be a dog of sorts, but who has the ability to learn to change shapes
Torin is just 8 months old {!!}
Torin is reared by a kindly couple {I hope they're cute}
Torin is the 54th fastest growing company
Torin is a totally cool, kick butt
Torin is today one of the recognized leaders in the wire forming and spring coiling industry
Torin is a great heroine
Torin is living in Seattle {wow! one about me even}
Torin is an extremely depraved maniac

Torin has also had a chat with another new leopard
Torin has the cash to back it up, too!
Torin has been able to boat plenty of kings
Torin has called together court
Torin has a room all ready for you
Torin has a lot of skill and poise
Torin has come under some unrest
Torin has a scar from the talons of a bird,
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