Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Plumbing; I hate plumbing

I like doing electrical work so much more than plumbing. With electrical work, you know very quickly if you've screwed up. With plumbing, tiny things can be wrong which can turn to catastrophic things later.

Currently if we use either of our bathroom sinks, the bottom sink backs up. So, it makes sense to clear out the bottom sink drain. I clear that out, getting some disgusting things out. Even though it's been cleared significantly down the line, it's still backing up quickly.
So, I go downstairs and use the access port to clear the pipe from there. Even though I have the pipe open, it's still backing up with no water coming out the pipe I have open. Yet I've been able to put the snake through. Last will be trying to go from the top in, where there shouldn't be the clog since it's making it to the downstairs sink. I have to get over being frustrated first so I don't break things.

It shouldn't be this difficult...
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