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Comment stats and Gmail

Considering this, I'm wondering if anyone has a gmail referral that I could have. Yes, I'm serious. Got it. Thanks ariedana!

So, even though implementations of the comment stats code are coming out all over the place, I'm probably going to write my own anyway. Possibly because it would just be so easy to do.

I do have a question though. Considering that the comment stats uses export_comments.bml and it needs your login and password, would people be more comfortable with grabbing URLs under their own control and feeding them to the program or would people be okay with feeding their username and password into a program that's running locally on their own system.
Reasons for letting the program have your username and password so that it can grab the meta-comment data:
  1. Multiple URLs may need to be grabbed that are somewhat similar.
    A new URL will need to be grabbed for every 10k comments someone has and if you want to do an update.
  2. It's annoying to have to go to a URL and then feed a saved page into the program.
  3. You'd have the source code, so you could see that nothing nefarious is happening.
Reasons for _not_ letting the program having your username and password:
  1. Giving your username and password to any program is generally a bad idea, even if you have the source code and the author is a nice guy.
  2. The wonky shit from this weekend makes this a heightened concern.
Poll #307838 Username/Password

Should my comments stats program ask for the username and password?

Yes, why not?
No, passwords need to be protected
Other. (please comment)

I really don't know which way I want to go with this.

(I deleted the post and re-posted since I wanted to add the "other" option and you can only add polls on first submission of a post.)
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