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Excerpt from Rick Cook's Wizardry Cursed

The following is an excerpt from Rick Cook's Wizardry Cursed. I read this passage to cindygerb over dinner and she asked "Are you sure you didn't write that?"

Our setting is a world where magic works and technology doesn't but magic can be manipulated by programming disciplines. Wiz and Moira are husband and wife where Wiz is from our world and Moira is native to the magic world.

"Gremlins," Wiz supplied. "We have gremlins in our computer. Wonderful."

"Gremlins?" Moira asked.

"Little magical creatures that live in machinery and cause trouble." He jerked a thumb at the infested computer. "You know, gremlins."

Moira frowned in the especially pretty manner she had when she was confused. "Love, how is it you have names for these things if they do not exist in your world?"

"They didn't exist so we had to make them up."

Moira raised an eyebrow. "That makes less sense than most of what you say."

"That's because you've never worked around complicated equipment. Believe me, it's enough to make you believe in gremlins even when you know they don't exist."

One thing I've noticed about Rick Cook is that his books have much more romance in them than most books written by men. This is a good thing. We like mush.

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