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Collections of brain sparkleys...

Much muchness to mention:

  1. From anonymous: Anybody can be a god but only a true magician can be a human being.
    I was stunned after reading this. That's some good stuff to be intaking.
  2. From iswari: "We ought to distrust anyone who cautions us to 'let the facts speak for themselves.' If you find a speaking fact, look right away for the ventriloquist." — Laura Sabatini and Faye Crosby (here)
  3. On subjects sapiosexual, kerrizor talks about being too sexy for her skull. Yay!!
  4. From happilymyself: "That's what I need to do, because to focus on the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt ... is to ignore the Hope, Excitement, and Joy. It's like being so afraid of crashing, I forget to enjoy the ride." &mdash Wil Wheaton (here)
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