Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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It's definitely been too hot around here lately. The temperatures for the last three days have been 86, 88, 87. The averages are generally in the mid to low 70's. I know that many of you from more southerly climes think this is nothing but Sunday's high temp was a record-setter is Monday's high temp was two degrees below the record...

I'm actually doing better with the heat that I usually do. I haven't collapsed yet and I'm not utterly exhausted. This is a good thing.

Someone told me while waiting for the elevator this morning, "I'm looking forward to it being hot today."
Bleh. I wonder about such people. I wonder why they live in this area when they so desire the hot.

[.Edit.] The _has_ been some overcast this morning, keeping it a bit cooler but they expect this to burn off pretty quickly and again have the temperature in the mid to high 80s...
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