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Love quote...

Beautiful quote snagged from iswari:
When you ask what love is, you may be too frightened to see the answer… You may have to shatter the house you have built, you may never go back to the temple… Love is not fear. It is not dependence, jealousy, possessiveness, domination, responsibility, duty, self-pity, or any of the other things that conventionally pass for love… If you can eliminate all these, not by forcing them but by washing them away as the rain washes away the dust of many days from a leaf, then perhaps you will come upon this strange flower man hungers after.
To me, this is saying that no matter what the troubadours tell you, Love isn't simple, it isn't easy, and it's not gentle. Love is hard and love is powerful. Love _will_ irrevocably change your life. At the same time, you can't impose love, what you will be impose may be called love but it will be something else. Love flows in and overwhelms rather than being a great Monty Python foot that crashes in, leaving crumbly bits everywhere.

I'm curious if other people got some thing similar to this from Krishnamurti's statement. I know that his stuff can be a bit complex and I'd be curious what other folks' experience is with the above saying.

[.Edit.] How odd. I went looking for something else and found that I had added this quote to my quotes file five or six years ago... [/.Edit.]

As part of this, I also wanted to mention a quote from wispfox's quotes page:
If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
I think in the same way that loving yourself is the absolute best way to bring about change in the world and the Love that doesn't include the self is incomplete.
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